The Boardroom x Nike Snowboarding Mission 82 Store Display

Doing Space Right
Taking Mission 82 one step further, The Boardroom in Vancouver BC have transformed their store’s window display and interior to represent that of Nike Snowboarding’s latest space-like campaign. The window display was done up to look like the beach from the aftermath of the crash landing into the psychedelic realm from the viral videos, while the interior of the store has vibe more in tune with the mission control. If you’re in the area, go check that out!

Image source: The Boardroom, props@ SSPEIER for the heads up.

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Spaces: Endeavor Snowboards

Part office, part showroom, all Endeavor
Spaces is a behind the scenes look into the creative environments of the snowboard industry. This month we’re checking out the offices of Vancouver B.C’s Endeavor Snowboards. These photos were taken before the open house event that Endeavor set up to coincidide with the Know?show tradeshow.

Image source: Endeavor Snowboards

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