O’Neill x Philips The Bend Headphones

Deep Bass for Deep Impacts
O’Neill has once again teamed up with Philips to offer a range of action sport specific audio products. The Bend is the newest model in the range, serving up deep, dynamic bass and a super-tough construction that is built to resist the physical demands of even the toughest action sports athletes. Featuring a low-profile design that closely follows the contours of your head, the headband is made from the same material as the toughest snow goggles for extra resilience.
When the headphones do get subjected to heavy impacts or a fall, the safe-release cans disengage safely rather than breaking under pressure like most other headphones. Once you’ve picked yourself up and dusted yourself off, simply snap the cans back into place on the headband and keep on charging. The Bend is available in four color styles and can be purchased though the O’Neill online shop.

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